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For the convenience of visitors, this page collects links to many of the downloads available from this site.



Recent Papers in Peer Reviewed Journals:





Migration for the Benefit of All:

Towards a New Paradigm for Economic Immigration

[in English]


Migrations et intérêt général: pour une nouvelle approche de l'immigration économique

[in French]


Hacia el Nuevo Paradigma

de la Inmigración Beneficiosa para Todos

[in Spanish]


International Labor Review, Vol. 141, No. 3, 2002-3, Pg. 225


Hedge Fund Transparency: Quantifying Valuation Bias for Illiquid Assets


Risk Magazine, Vol. 15, No. 6, June 2002, Pg. S25


Careers and Competition in the Biosciences


Science Magazine, 14 December 2001, Vol. 294, pg. 2293



Chapters in Books:





Phantom Prices & Liquidity: The Nuisance of Translucence


A Guide to Fund of Hedge Funds Management and Investment


Published by AIMA, 2002








Careers and Rewards in Bio Sciences:

the disconnect between scientific progress and career progression


The American Society for Cell Biology


How and Why Government, Universities, and Industry Create Domestic Labor Shortages of Scientists and High-Tech Workers


Project on the Economics Of Advanced Training at the

National Bureau of Economic Research




Talks, Announcements, and Power Point Presentations:





Spot Prices – Fact or Fiction? Risk or Return?


View of the Markets Lecture Series

MIT Club of New York, 2002


Benefits and Costs of Graduate and Post-doctoral Apprenticeship


American Society for Cell Biology

National Conference



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